Meet Frances

Hello! I am Frances Ryan, owner of Boxed Cat Media. I have worked in the communications industry for more than 13 years and truly have a passion for the relationships between media and culture. So much so that I have recently completed a postgraduate degree in that very subject, and am now seeking PhD opportunities!

I hold Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations (cum laude) from Central Washington University (USA) with a double minor in historical tourism and wine studies and Master of Letters in Media and Culture (with Distinction) from the University of Stirling (Scotland).

In addition to previous freelance communications work, I have worked on in-house public relations and marketing teams for community organizations and non-profits, corporate law offices, and higher education institutions. From 2006-2011, I worked as a marketing and communications director at an American land-grant university and am currently working as communications manager for a government-funded project in Scotland. (Details of my professional career can be found on my LinkedIn profile.)

My spare time is spent running (but not from responsibilities); travelling the world (with hopes to one day expand to the universe); playing with useful (and useless) gadgets, gizmos, and electronics; and enjoying good food with good friends and family. Oh, and I like cats.